Sunday, December 21, 2008

Multi-Pen Reviews! 5 in one!

I'm a bit of a fountain pen addict...I love them, but sometimes they're FAR too expensive for my taste. So I've started out my addiction/collection with cheaper versions(price-wise, not quality!) of these gorgeous pens! in the photos shown to the right and below on the left, we have(from left to right): a Hero(can't remember the name), lime green Lamy Safari with a medium nib, Lamy Vista with a medium nib, Lamy Safari with EF nib, and a Hi-Tec-C Coletto multipen containing cherry pink and green re-fills.

First one I'll review is the Lamy Safari. I have two versions of this wonderful pen. One is a bit older and has an extra fine nib, the other is brand spankin' new and holds a medium nib at the moment. My first impression of this pen was,"Oh man..its lime green...I MUST HAVE IT!!" And I did get it that same day. :D I ended up purchasing a little box of purple Lamy cartridges to go along with it. For an affordable pen, it writes amazingly! I think I paid around $20 for it and I don't regret a cent of my purchase!

It's very smooth on my standard HP printer paper(used for the InkJet Series of printers) and I havent experiences that big of problems in my Moleskine besides feathering issues and a bit of see-through to the back of the page. The weight of the pen is nice, not quite balanced when posted, BUT nice nonetheless.

Overall, I think it was one of my best purchases! My second best purchase was the Lamy Vista! It was clear bodied and pretty much the same style as the Safari...also a medium nib, but it seems to write a bit smoother for some reason, but that could be the quality of the ink.
The rest of the 5 pen reviews(Hero and Hi-Tec-C Coletto are last) will be posted sometime tomorrow I think.

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